Complete In House Fish Tank Maintenance Service

Fish Paradise provides complete in House Fish Tank Maintenance services to keep your home or office aquarium in great shape.

Detail Description

Fish Paradise provides complete in House Fish Tank Maintenance services to keep your home or office aquarium in great shape. Whether you want to start an aquarium from scratch or just want a current fish aquarium kept clean and maintained, we can help you.

Having an aquarium is a great exercise in personal responsibility, scientific experimentation, knowledge of marine biology, and a touch of artistry. Simply buying a fish in a bag and dropping him into a bowl of water won';t yield satisfying results. As humans, we often think of water as an uncomplicated liquid. For fish however, water is their air and their home. Fluctuations in water chemistry and temperature will affect the health of your fish, and should be monitored and adjusted accordingly. Fish are also highly complex, and require specialized care depending on the species. Although fish require special attention, you should also note that they can be rewarding pets to have, and with a little information and a lot of interest, you can have an attractive aquarium. Many people have kept aquariums for years, and enjoy the habitats they have created. Aquariums are also a great opportunity for teaching children about animals and environments. Skills for maintaining an aquarium can be developed while visits to the local aquarium can inform and inspire.

Aquarium Design

We will work with you to choose the best possible components to the aquarium you want. Whether you have a design in mind or need some help, Aquarium Service will walk through each step with you to ensure you get the aquarium you want. Includes discussion of brands, looks, materials, and other factors related to setting up your fish tank properly.

Aquarium Set-Up & Delivery Service

When you have Aquarium Service deliver and/or set up your aquarium, you can be assured of a professional installation. Aquarium set-up and delivery service includes delivery, set-up of aquarium, components, decorations, and filling. We will also handle the removal of all packing material. In addition, the technician will provide a full system inspection, as well as a tutorial of the new aquarium system.

Aquarium Maintenance

Choose from monthly, bi-monthly or weekly services. A 20% water change will be done. Cleaning of gravel, filter (media replacement if necessary), hood, inside and outside glass. Water testing. Inspection of filter, heater, lighting and full system.

Move Service

Includes disassembling the aquarium system. Transporting the aquatic life, water and equipment. Reassembling the system, acclimating the aquatic life.

Aquarium Consultation

Our trained technicians will freely discuss any concern, idea or enhancements that will keep your aquarium how you want it.

Aquarium Rehabilitation

Entails reviving an old run down aquarium into a beautiful focal point in your home or office.

Switch Over Service

Switching from freshwater to saltwater or vice a versa. Service consists of removal or cleaning of the current system components that are needed, installation of new components, fill and decorate aquarium, and full system inspection. This service does not include the cost of needed components.